• Surface and area preparation before painting
    • Protect the floor and furniture using cardboard and plastic wrap, corner to corner
    • Apply masking tape on corners and around light switches. Mask door knobs or, better still, remove them.
    • In case of wall blistering or peeling paint, follow these steps:
      • Sanding
      • Wiping off loose residue
      • Putty application (where necessary)
      • Priming
      • Shade selection (experiment with shades by applying samples patches on small surfaces
    • Make sure you have all the necessary application tools (refer to the back of the paint container for the appropriate tool)
  • Ready to paint
    • Start with the ceiling
    • Continue with the vertical wall surfaces
    • Leave wooden surfaces for the end
  • Reapplication
    • If you wish, you may apply a second coat, following the same routine, after the end of the required drying time specified on the product container
  • Enjoy the results!
    • Now your personal space is renewed and ready to welcome you and your loved ones