The 2013 interior color trends proposition has been deisgned so as to be contemporary and include a delicate selection of colors, offering the opportunity for impressive decorations, used either solely or combined.

The basic proposition is a general frameset of colors, where each shade can offer a different visual effect, if used on a different surface. Main source of study and inspiration is nature itself and the process of time as it reflects on nature’s colors, as they are widely influenced by the shape and the material.

Natural surfaces and objects that have been worn out exposed to the effects of running time, nature and weather are the main source of these trends.

In 2013, the 6 proposed color palettes include simple natural shades, inspired by the rocks, the minerals, the crops, the water and the earth, but also bright flame red and orange shades, like the ones we find in old fabrics in the oriental markets.

The 2013 color trends offer a balanced color decoration, since the proposed shades stem from each one of the basic color families, like blue, green, red and orange, whereas the natural and neutral shades continue to have their own lasting value.